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Electronic jacquard machine WMF series

Electronic jacquard machine WMF series

Product Description


Max Speed:Upto 500 RPM

Selection Method:Drive board+solenoid valve+steel plate+lifting knife

Shedding Form:Double action fully clear upper and lower openings

Shedding Height:Front opening 45-105mm, rear opening 62-120mm, adjustable

Note:Other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements


Product features

A high-performance electronic jacquard machine developed specifically for high-speed weaving machines. Using self-made high-performance solenoid valves for better reliability and longer lifespan. By utilizing multiple patented technologies of the company and building upon years of mature technology, the mechanical transmission system of electronic jacquard machines has been improved, resulting in increased load capacity, reduced noise, and improved reliability. Simultaneously adopting a needle position arrangement of 24 needles before and after, making maintenance more convenient.

Scope of use

Mainly used in conjunction with various edge burning machines, trademark machines, and rapier looms, it is used to produce various types of jacquard fabrics such as trademarks, ties, towels, brocade, silk, decorative fabrics, sandbags, hotel supplies, etc.


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Technical parameter

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