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Electronic jacquard machines WMT-A series


Type:WMT2816A, WMT5376A, WMT6144A, WMT6912A, WMT8448A, WMT12288A

Max Speed:Upto 600 RPM

Selection MethodComponent+driver board+aluminum alloy lifting knife

Shedding FormConjugated cam structure with compound action, active, fully clear opening

Shedding HeightFront opening 45-109mm, rear opening 72-120mm, adjustable

Transmission ModeTransmission shaft+gearbox or self matched power source

Note:Other specifications can be determined according to customer requirements


A brand new high-quality electronic jacquard machine developed specifically for lifting and lifting processes or high-speed weaving machines. The mechanical transmission system has been optimized and improved, adopting a cam structure transmission method to reduce waste of warp opening, ensuring smooth mechanical transmission and low noise;

At the same time, adopting a low-power component needle selection method will greatly reduce energy consumption in the process of heavy jacquard. 

By adopting embedded intelligent control modules and touch screen human-machine interaction interfaces, it has a better control experience and meets the requirements of long-term high-speed operation of the equipment. 

It can carry its own power source and perform shaft free synchronous transmission with the loom.


Mainly used in conjunction with various imported and domestic high-speed rapier looms, jet looms, water jet looms, and projectile looms. Used for the production of various textiles such as trademarks, ties, clothing fabrics, decorative fabrics, scarves, brocade paintings, etc., especially in heavy lifting processes, this jacquard machine has outstanding advantages.