5 wood authorized the exclusive agency in India

Column:Company news Time:2018-01-16

On the afternoon of jan 11, 2018, hangzhou wumu technology co LTD held the exclusive agency authorization ceremony for India.

Hangzhou wumu technology co., ltd. and hangzhou weitao import and export co., ltd. reached a strategic cooperation, general manager of wumu technology and general manager of weitao lian guohua signed a contract on behalf of both parties. Wumu technology general manager zhang zengguang, deputy general manager Chen hong, wei tao general manager lian guohua, deputy general manager qiu donghong attended the signing authorization ceremony.

Hangzhou wumu technology co., ltd. formally authorizes hangzhou weitao import & export co., ltd. as the exclusive agent in India, responsible for the sales of its famous electronic jacquard machine in India, and the authorization period is three years. According to the cooperation agreement, hangzhou weitao company will invest capital and a lot of manpower to carry out the promotion work, and ensure the sales volume in 2018, the annual increase is not less than 20%, and the market share in the future will rank the top two.

Hangzhou weitao import and export co., LTD is a global import and export company specializing in textile machinery. Its products have been exported to more than 20 countries including India, Indonesia and Nepal. The strategic cooperation between the two sides is a win-win cooperation between the two countries. The two sides also had in-depth discussions on how to better promote the brand and provide after-sales service in the future. This cooperation will surely bring new vitality to both sides.