Wumu technology annual meeting of the Chinese New Year 2016 has come to a perfect conclusion

Column:Company news Time:2016-01-10

Sheep dance harvest year, monkey sing beautiful spring. Hangzhou wumu technology co., ltd. held the "2016 Spring Festival group annual meeting" on January 30. All staff of wumu and some distinguished professors and guests from zhejiang university attended the annual meeting to witness and share the warm and friendly moments of wumu technology.

First of all, wu wood technology general manager zhang zengguang welcome speech. We reviewed the remarkable achievements of wumu technology in 2015 and looked forward to 2016. We wish you a happy New Year.


Then, wonderful programs began to appear in front of everyone. By marketing Li Shi neutralization Huang Xuebing songs bring my good brothers, by the engineering department Qi messages bring "pompous" and by the leaders of the chorus of "friends", live performances melodious song, the audience calls to break out.

Then, Mr. Zhang Lin, founder of wumu technology, and Mr. Zhang zengguang, general manager of wumu technology, presented the 2015 advanced worker and advanced work group award to wumu technology for their hard work.


The party lasted 4 hours, and all the links were interlocking and wonderful. Every employee and guests were given red scarves to represent their luck. I hope everyone will be prosperous in 2016.

Finally, with the prizes -- apple notebook, IWATCH, electric cooker, thermos cup, egg boiler, towel gift box, etc.

The year of 2015 is far behind us, and yesterday's performance has become history. Tomorrow will be a long journey. It is hoped that wumu people can write a more brilliant and splendid new chapter in the New Year with vigorous vitality, high-spirited spirit and fearless courage.