Hangzhou wumu: service is the basis of management, quality is the king of public praise

Column:Company news Time:2019-05-05

       Throughout the textile machinery industry, the industry division of labor gradually clear, old equipment will eventually be eliminated. The future will be innovative, environmentally friendly products of the world.

School-run enterprises established in 1992, zhejiang university, zhejiang university warp/weft automation engineering company is the predecessor of the five wood, hangzhou company with electrical automation research institute, zhejiang university for technical backing, has the abundant technical strength and rich production experience of cooperation, is the earliest engaged in the electronic jacquard machine and spinning and weaving CAD software research and development and promotion of enterprise.

Hangzhou wumu technology co., LTD., with the theme of "weaving heaven and earth by warp and weft, wumu weaving future", and new products such as WMF6144B electronic jacquade machine, grandly participated in this exhibition, fully demonstrating the historical inheritance of "zhejiang university by warp and weft" brand and the vision of wumu technology for a better future, and winning unanimous praise from a large number of new and old customers.

Photo: WMF series electronic jacquard machine

In the interview with zhang zengguang, general manager of hangzhou wumu textile machinery co., LTD at the 2014ITMA textile machinery exhibition, zhang pointed out in predicting the development trend of the textile machinery industry in the future, "according to the analysis of our company, it will definitely go to the process of rapid development in the future, and some products with high energy consumption will definitely face elimination. Just like the water jet used in the spinning machine industry, the products with serious environmental pollution will inevitably go out of use, so we will definitely use technology and quality and service to obtain customers in the future.

Photo: hangzhou wumu general manager zhang zengguang (right) is interviewed by China spinning machinery network

       At the same time, Mr. Zhang mentioned that your company's service philosophy is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, tracking customers in the early stage; Ii. After-sales service will continue to communicate with customers. If we are found to be on a business trip in a certain link during the communication, we will make timely changes.

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